Hell On Heels "The Boss's Daughter"


SABRINA MICHAELS is the daughter of Billionaire KENNETH MICHAELS, the president and CEO of a large Pharmaceutical Company based in DETROIT. After the death of her mother to cancer. SABRINA goes from a good girl to a wild child in a matter of years, letting her father down. But when her father has a stroke driving home and is in a coma, she prays to God to help him pull through. But God has other plans for her, and her father dies. She's then faced with keeping her father's company or putting it in trust by money-grabbing lawyers. She does what her father would want, and saves and runs her father's company becoming, THE BOSS'S DAUGHTER.

Like A Cat.

Pilot Episode.

Seven Beautiful Diamond thieves target the New York Diamond Exchange for their next heist. When
the Great Grandson of the founder of the Diamond Exchange is seduced by one of the thieves and
drops his guard in this adventure drama of betrayal .

It's Sex In The City On Steroids.

Like A Cat.

Episode #2 Rich History.

In This episode of Like A Cat, the girls target an old estate in London, England. That is hosting a charity benefit and displaying one of the largest collections of jewelry in the Uk. Worth An Estimated BILLION DOLLARS. Their adventures tests their skills in Underwater Diving and the art of Tight-Rope walking to steal the jewels and to make a clean get-away.

Like a Cat.

Episode #3 The Jokes On You.

In this episode of Like A Cat, the girls target a Billionaire Father and Son, who are both embezzling from their Chemical Biofuel Company. The girls use sexy as a weapon to steal their offshore accounts. Sophia targets the Son "Joey Rodriguez" with Ginger targeting his father "Alex Rodriguez" In this sex-fueled drama adventure of The Jokes On You.

Guerrilla Force.

Full Feature Screenplay.

When the financial banking code for the United States Government is stolen from the
Pentagon servers and put on the Black Market for sale. The Guerrilla Force Strike Team is sent in to
stop the sale and bring down the hackers. In this high action drama adventure.


Full Feature Screenplay.

When an Ex-Navy Seal turned car auto mechanic's 1969 Pontiac GTO gets stolen and her father beaten up by the Detroit Russian Mob.
Charlie Jones flies into a one-woman rage and goes after them with all she's got. Pulling out all the stops in this high
action drama of lines crossed.

Wendi Winter "Winters Come"

Pilot Screenplay.

A special ops. Covert Agent is set up to take the fall for a Secret Government plot set up by a group of Senators to remove the President Of The United States.