A screenplay by; Kenneth M. Sutton

When the daughter of a Cyber-Tech Company is kidnapped by a Russian sex trafficker and sold to a Turkish billionaire and thought to be dead, she takes out her revenge on the Russian who sold her into slavery and all who participated in the sex trade.

Red Winter

Screenplay By; Kenneth M. Sutton

When Secret Service Agent "Elizabeth Diaz" is sent into Russia by the C.I.A. to capture evidence and destroy a deadly virus, she quickly learns that she is a fall guy for the C.I.A. She then quickly turns the tables on them and kills the operative sent in to kill her.

Grizzly Parker


When mountain man John Parker, saves the life of a Crow Indian girl "Aponi" from a mountain lion, the two fall in love and are to be married. But a indian brave named "Runs With Deer" wants Aponi for his wife, and will try and kill John Parker to have her.

Naked and Afraid.


Ex- C.I.A. agent TOM MARLOWE is the great, great-grandson of the famous P.I. Philip Marlowe. Tom has been hired to find the kidnapped daughter "Jill Morgan" of a Michigan Congressman, Dennis Morgan, who is being blackmailed by some MS-13 gang members. As Tom Marlowe hunts down the kidnappers, he uncovers a bigger plot that tries to force the Congressman to pass a transportation bill in the Michigan Senate by holding his daughter captive.

The Rock Star and the Lady.


KENNETH PRESLEY a "JIM MORRISON" type is the lead singer of the band "The Jokers"  When his bandmates and band Manager John Daily, has had enough of his wild ways. They kidnap him and send him into rehab in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Were an Ex-Navy Seal Rebecca Walters, whips him into shape. In this comedy romance.

My Son Samson.

A screenplay.

When a group of young boys is bullying a small young boy, because of his long hair. Manoah the father of Samson comes to his rescue and chases the bullies away. Manoah takes the young boy to his home and tells the young boy all about his strong son.


Jimmy Quinn.


Jimmy Quinn is a contract enforcer for the Detroit underworld. But when Jimmy is set up by Sammy (The Rock), a wannabe player in the criminal underworld, he takes out his anger on the crime organization. Destroying the wannabe's empire, regaining his name, and commanding the respect of the crime bosses of Detroit.

Just think of the screenplay as "Shaft" (1971) meets "Dirty Harry" 

He's one bad mother, shut yo mouth, Jimmy!

When I was writing this I had the actor "Terry Crews"  in mind as Jimmy Quinn.



Hell On Heels "The Boss's Daughter"


SABRINA MICHAELS is the daughter of Billionaire KENNETH MICHAELS, the president and CEO of a large Pharmaceutical Company based in DETROIT. After the death of her mother to cancer. SABRINA goes from a good girl to a wild child in a matter of years, letting her father down. But when her father has a stroke driving home and is in a coma, she prays to God to help him pull through. But God has other plans for her, and her father dies. She's then faced with keeping her father's company or putting it in trust by money-grabbing lawyers. She does what her father would want, and saves and runs her father's company becoming, THE BOSS'S DAUGHTER.

Like A Cat. Pilot.

Pilot Episode.

Seven Beautiful Diamond thieves target the New York Diamond Exchange for their next heist. When
the Great Grandson of the founder of the Diamond Exchange is seduced by one of the thieves and
drops his guard in this adventure drama of betrayal .