Like A Cat

Short Screenplay

Set in the heart of New York's Diamond District, seven girls plan the biggest diamond heist in New
York history. Led by Ann Li, the ring leader and seductress of the seven. She seduces Kevin Ford, the
great grandson of the New York Diamond Exchange, a billion dollar company, by gaining his trust, by
bedding and stroking his ego.

Guerrilla Force.


When the financial banking code for the United States Government is stolen from the Pentagon servers and put on the Black Market for sale. The Guerrilla Force Strike Team is sent in to stop the sale and bring down the hackers. In this high action drama adventure of cat and mouse.



 When an Ex-Navy Seal turned car auto mechanic's 1969 Pontiac GTO
gets stolen and her father beaten up by the Detroit Russian Mob.
Charlie Jones flies into a one-woman rage and goes after them
with all she's got. Pulling out all the stops in this high
action drama of lines crossed.

Wendi Winter


A special ops. Covert Agent is set up to take the fall for a Secret Government plot set up by a
group of Senators to remove the President Of The United States.