From the recording Now It's Goodbye


Now It's Goodbye.C, Em, F, Dm, Gtempo 60 bpm
Kenneth M. SuttonOctober 30, 2018SweetKenny ProductionsWaterFall Records.
V1.All Those things I heard about you.I thought they were only lies-I gave my heart so easilyI just broke down and cried.V2.But when I saw you, fall for some one else babyI broke up all inside, seeing you in his arms girlWas the thing that killed my pride-V3.And it looks like it's over, it's over for you and IYou played me for a fool for to long girlLove you long time say's good bye.V4. (Sing Strong)I don't need you anymore!The dream I thought we shared together was only a lie.You played me for a fool I'm so sorry now, now it's good bye!.V5. (With a feeling of pain)You broke my heart when you left me!It's been Mondays now for awhileMy sunshine is all dark nowI can't even smile-SOLOV6. (Strong)Our life together is now over!The things we shared are all lost.Your with another, and I'm in pain, I guess I paid the cost.(strong)The dream I thought we shared together, was only, was only a lie.You played me for a fool now it's over, now it's goneNow it's good bye!