SweetKenny "Ancient Hunter" Album Review

Album Cover Ancient Hunter

I was first introduced to the music of Sweet Kenny earlier this year, via the official WoodBangers song “A New Dawn” (which was released as a single and on his June 2015 album Fleabag Hotel). Since then, I have had the pleasure of listening to many of his other albums and have enjoyed them all. Sweet Kenny has not restricted himself and his music in one certain kind of style; this man loves music and it shows because he experiments and makes all kinds of songs and albums. So when I heard he already had another album coming out, only a few months after “Fleabag Hotel”, I was impressed with this man’s passion for his craft, but also eager to see and listen to what new sounds my ears would have the pleasure of soaking up. He did not disappoint when he released “Ancient Hunter” last month. True to what he’s done on previous albums, it was something new and different from what he’d done before, but just as well composed and thought out. This time around, he went with a video game vibe to the music and I loved it. It made me feel like I was listening to the audio of an edgy adventure video game. And I literally found myself wanting to play this game that didn’t exist, just to see the scenery and know the story! Sweet Kenny has proven once again that he is an amazing musician with a true passion for what he does. Hell! He’s already working on his next album!! Does this man not sleep!? LOL He even creates his own cover art for his albums, and you can see clearly he wanted to evoke more of the video game vibe, by creating his own female action hero inspired by the lovely Lara Croft, to grace the cover in her adventures. Wonderfully done, on all accounts, Sweet Kenny! Keep up the kick ass work and I can’t wait to see what you do next!
“Ancient Hunter” is the latest album released by Sweet Kenny, featuring 11 new video game inspired tracks that are meant to take you on an adventure. You can find album on Google Play and Amazon.

Article by: Pyro