Michigan Native Son Ken Sutton AKA "SweetKenny"
Has Once Again Teamed Up With  Long Time Friend Scott Schroen
In Writing A  New Studio Album Titled " Doo Hickey "

With the albums songs like " Prescription X " , " Alone "
and " I Met A Girl ", you can hear the Detroit Rock sound in this album.
Scott Schroen's guitar playing and Ken's voice are a perfect match on this album.
With a sound and feel of " Sammy Hagar " meets " The Doors " your sure to love this album.
" Doo Hickey " is released through WaterFall Records and distributed through CDBaby!
With it's release date of March 31, 2013

If you love Progressive Rock, then you'll want to pick up this album by SweetKenny.
So pick up your copy of " Doo Hickey " through CdBaby and help support Indie artist

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