I Submitted A Song To Cher

About three (3) weeks ago I submitted a song (I Should Have Listen To Momma) to the one and only Cher through http://www.musicxray.com 
to Alex Torrez of Torrez Music Group, "TMG is listening for songs to pitch to Nashville Producer Mark Bright (Carrier Underwood) Needs amazing songs for Cher. All tempos. Cutting in November."

Well I got an email from Alex Torrez about my submission to Cher, and this is what he had to say about the song. "

Your review Is

hi kenneth


thanks for sending in your song for us to check out. Its really good but just not quite what we need.



now most big time people just don't get back with you and you don't hear anything at all from them but Alex Torrez did, and that means alot to a songwriter like me, just to have him listen to the song is a big plus, but to have him send me a review!, thats an honor! in the biggest way.

thanks Alex Torrez!




if any of you want to submit songs to big named artist like I did, you can do it at http://www.musicxray.com/?afid=3319a2d05cf1012d63061231390a1e12

 to join is free, but to submit is a cost.