Song Writer

How many songs do you think Kenneth M Sutton (SweetKenny) has written?

Ken has written so far 222 songs. and registered with BMI,  that's alot of music for one guy to write when most out there spend a year on one song.

Ken can write a song, sing and record it, mix it and master it in about a week. and that's with playing all the parts himself.

his last cd "FootSteps" (do to be released July 31, 2012) took him 45 days to write, play (all the parts), sing and record, mix, master and design the artwork for it. he also press's his own cd's and package's them,  how many of you can say or do that? alot of work and alot of love in the work.

It's only by the Grace of God he can do that!

The SweetKenny Team