SweetKenny Back In The Studio

"Big News Happening" SweetKenny is back in the studio working on a new cd. SweetKenny has told us here at SweetKenny.com that he's put all projects on hold as of right now so he can work on his new cd. it seems most feel he should be working the stage instead of off the stage. and we can't agree more with them. We asked SweetKenny why the stop on all projects, and this is what he had to say. SK."Don't get me wrong, I love to do video editing, cd design and things like that, but my frist love is the music and the fans out there. without them I'm nothing, without the feel of a live audience you get lost and start feeling down, so you do some crazy stuff to keep you going. thats what happen to me. I felt down and in a Loooooooooong funk and was looking for a change in my life, so I packed up and moved to a small town, only to find more down. then I had a dream and a feeling inside me for about 2 years and it kept getting stronger and stronger, and then one day I looked at myself and said, you know son... your doing all this promo work for others and you should be doing it for yourself.... it's time to get back to work! So I stopped what I was doing and started writting some words down and in no-time I had my frist song." So there you have it. The SweetKenny Team