" The Walkers " Rise Of The Dead

by SweetKenny

Released 12/07/2015
WaterFall Records
Released 12/07/2015
WaterFall Records
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The Walkers
"Rise Of The Dead"
Composed By:
Kenneth M . Sutton

When I started composing this album,
I wanted it to be something inline with what could be placed in a video game, something that would tell a story.
What I came up with is an album full of feelings and at times fear. you can hear what I mean in the music, and if you close your eye's you can see and feel this story of mine.

The 4th track on this album titled " The Journey Home" has a feeling of like an old movie, I left the air in the acoustic guitar to get just that feeling, when I started composing this song I heard horns and strings in it and as I was putting a sub mix to it, it just sounded better without all the other stuff in it. I really like this tune and the way it came out, it has a nice feel to it with just the acoustic guitar, bass and the piano. the 1st track titled "Isolated", I also left the air in the acoustic guitar and it came to be kinda the theme of the album with an old feel to it. the 6th track "Outside", again I left the air in the acoustic guitar, as with track 2 "Quarantined Zone", I also wanted a fun track to this album and track 10 "The Walkers Theme" is it, it's a funky style tune and I can just see all the zombies dancing in the street. track 9 "The Hunted", I wanted the feel of a hunt so I came up with just running drums and a horn blast to it. track 7 "Bitten", has a very ear piercing sine wave in the track to give that ringing in the ear feel, if you just imagine a little girl sitting in a dark lit room and as you walk up to her she bite's you, you'll hear what I mean.
the last track number 12, titled "Hope", is just a piano playing, to understand what I mean in the song, think of someone fighting zombie's all day and runs into a house to hide and finds a piano in the house, they sit down to play and as they are playing others are outside fighting and killing zombies.

This album is a mix of acoustic guitar and midi instruments and was a labor of love for me. "I could do this stuff all day long, I love it that much!"
I really enjoyed doing this album, But I have to let you all know that without Gods help in doing this, it never would have happened.

Kenneth M. Sutton


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The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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