Now It's Goodbye

Kenneth M. Sutton
Kenneth M Sutton


Single Song Artwork


Now It's Goodbye.
C, Em, F, Dm, G
tempo 60 bpm

Kenneth M. Sutton
October 30, 2018
SweetKenny Productions
WaterFall Records.

All Those things I heard about you.
I thought they were only lies-
I gave my heart so easily
I just broke down and cried.

But when I saw you, fall for some one else baby
I broke up all inside, seeing you in his arms girl
Was the thing that killed my pride-

And it looks like it's over, it's over for you and I
You played me for a fool for to long girl
Love you long time say's good bye.

V4. (Sing Strong)
I don't need you anymore!
The dream I thought we shared together was only a lie.
You played me for a fool I'm so sorry now, now it's good bye!.

V5. (With a feeling of pain)
You broke my heart when you left me!
It's been Mondays now for awhile
My sunshine is all dark now
I can't even smile-


V6. (Strong)
Our life together is now over!
The things we shared are all lost.
Your with another, and I'm in pain, I guess I paid the cost.
The dream I thought we shared together, was only, was only a lie.
You played me for a fool now it's over, now it's gone
Now it's good bye!

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