Only Us Left Standing

by SweetKenny

Released 01/11/2016
WaterFall Records
Released 01/11/2016
WaterFall Records
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" Only Us
Left Standing "
Composed By:
Kenneth M . Sutton

When I started composing this album,
I wanted it to be something inline with what could be placed in a video game, something that would tell a story.
What I came up with is an album full of feelings and at times fear. you can hear what I mean in the music, and if you close your eye's you can see and feel this story of mine.

The 1st track on this album titled " Darkness " has a feeling of being in the dark and not knowing whats gonna happen, when I started composing this song I heard eerie things and strings in it. I really like this tune and the way it came out, it has a nice feel to it. the 4th track titled "Summer Rain ", I wanted a sound of rain hitting a pan or something like that. the 8th track "Overcome ", again I wanted a feeling of not knowing whats gonna happen to you. In the 7th track " There Everywhere ", I could see my back up against a wall with zombies all around me. the 5th track " The Stand " I wanted it to be strong, where you just had enough of the zombies. Oh! and track 9 " Run ", I wanted it to be just drums and a low strings, with a feel of running for your life from the coming zombies at you.

This album was a labor of love for me. "I could do this stuff all day long, I love it that much!"
I really enjoyed doing this album, But I have to let you all know that without Gods help in doing this, it never would have happened.

Kenneth M. Sutton


The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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