The Winds Of Change



I wrote this song about how things are in the world around us. SweetKenny


The Winds Of Change June 24, 2010 KSutton Am, G, E note* start Am on the 9th fret & down the neck G, E to be played on the 5th fret. V1. The world is a big and scary place Taken' change's as they come Every day there's a diffrent wall One brick at a time (The winds of change) break to Am V2. The grass is'nt always green on the other side It only looks that way Every step that I take is another victory (The winds of change) break to Am V3. Another mountian I must climb The other side is a mist Not knowing whats ahead of me I must go on (The winds of change) break to Am V4. Todays world is a diffrent one From when I was a boy Things are faster and unpersonable People arn't who they seem (The winds of change) break to Am V5. The winds of change are all around Were like palm tree's in a hurricane After the storm, we stand full and tall Stronger then before (The winds of change) break to Am end song

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