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Prescription X!

I had ask Scott Schroen from the band "Ugly Radio Rebellion" if he would like to co-write some songs, and as always he said yeah! so in about 3 weeks Scott sent me 3 demo songs and one was a tempo of 152bmp. the riff was just flying and the style is pure rock... the drums he sent me was just a clock for himself, but the guitar work was the meat. so I got to work and redid the drums in "Reasons"  put a Bass line to it, but I wasn't sure if it would fit, so I sent the drum track to Scott and ask him to do a Bass line. after about a week or two Scott sent me his Bass line and it was just a basic run (but in a good way) Bass line. so I put my Bass line back in over top of Scott's and it all fell together. (my Bass line has more of a run with the guitar part)

Writing lyrics to this song was really fun and easy for me to do. the song is about a guy who just realized he's in love and gonna get married.

The other Guitar fills are done by me as is the back up vocal.


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