Out Of The Mist A New King Is Born " The Birth Of Christ "

Kenneth M Sutton
Kenneth M Sutton


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Out Of The Mist, A New King Is Born
" The Birth Of Christ "
Composed By:
Kenneth M Sutton
February 19, 2015

I sat with my acoustic guitar and playing with just cords, I ask God what should you have me play?

For about what seemed an hour I was just... playing anything that came in to my head, not really anything at all. I tried different tempos and nothing was sounding right at all. then I felt the need to go to the bathroom and when I came back I started to hear something in my head. I set up a tempo at 110 bpm and began playing and recording the acoustic guitar with a feel of loneliness to it. Then I just left it as it was and went about my day. A week went by and I played back what I recorded and began to hear strings and other voicings in the song, things like Oohs and Aah's, and stuff like that. the song to me needed to have a drum track to give it drive, so I built a drum track in Reason redrum to fit the acoustic guitar I played a week ago. Now I have a foundation and I needed to fill the space's of the song up, in my head I heard a Trumpet and French Horn playing to give it at mood and feel of giving birth. Then I just stopped again because we were having a snow storm with high winds and I knew I was gonna have to do a lot of clean up. Now another week went by and I wanted to lay a Bass line to the track, to round it off and fill in the mood of the song, now it sounded and felt like I had something, the next day I laid a Rhythm guitar to it and the Lead guitar solo on the chorus parts of the song. I wanted the lead guitar to sound like a woman having birth pangs and the feel of pain as she pushed to have the child. In my head I kept hearing the sound of Thunder Claps and Rain as a ambience in the song. I really didn't understand what the Lord was giving me at first, only until after I put the ambience effect to the song did I hear what God was giving me. The song is his Son being born, and the glory of his birth on a fore told night.

If you really listen to the song you can see and hear the pain of his birth and what a woman go's through in giving birth to a child.

In doing this song I felt full of life and joy, I wanted to keep pushing and record the song all in one day. But snow and wind kept me from that, and if it had not showed up and pulled me from the song, it probably would have turned out bad sounding,  But as with God you do it his way and it all works out to your favor, which it did.

Kenneth M Sutton

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