A New Dawn The Offical WoodBangers Theme

Kenneth M Sutton


Woodbangers Theme Song

A New Dawn The Year 2041
Composed by:
Kenneth M. Sutton
January 16, 2015

The Story Of The Song:
" A New Dawn The Year 2041 "

When I first started to compose this song as with all my music I ask God,  what do you want me to play?
The song started out with just a raw Acoustic Guitar part over a day or so, then I began to record it. The tempo is set at 110 bpm, I started out with a click track in 4/4 time, then I layed the acoustic guitar and wanted to keep a meter ( beat ) in the song, ( it loops easer that way ). after that I wanted it to have a Big Production Sound and a riff like the Screaming Of A New Day, so I built a drum pattern in Reasons redrum, now I have a bare bones song to work with now. I began to build the song with a feel and mood to it with a Taiko drum with hits on 4 and a lot of reverb to it, then adding a String Pad to only come in at the drum pattern and ending the song. the song started to take shape as I added a Soft Pad to it as well as a Low deeper Pad for that mood sound to it. Then came the Bass Guitar to add meat to the song ( I wanted the bass to be bouncy in the riff part of the song ), to fill the acoustic guitar parts I need a rhythm guitar to play off of the acoustic guitar, I also added guitar fills to add that erie sound in the song. I needed to play a Lead Guitar to give that Screaming of the new day as if it were fighting to come through and over come the old. I then mixed the song, to give me this big rounded mix and a feel of walking alone in a new land after the destruction of the old one.

I think I got what God was giving me in this song. it at times is very powerful, and you do get a feel and mood from the song. if you close your eye's you can even see a story in your mind and began to understand the work. picture yourself,  in " A New Dawn The Year 2041 "

Ken Sutton

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