Crazy In Love

SweetKenny/Ken Sutton


When I wrote this song I was looking at a photo of a sexy girl in a magazine and said to myself (like all guy's) I'm crazy in love. so I started writting out the lyrics to the song, and for some reason I was thinking "James Brown" for the vocials. after I got the lyrics down I called Michael Stevenson and said you all got to get here to the studio and fast, I have this song titled "Crazy In Love" and it's a funk tune!. After the guy's read the lyrics we started working out the drum parts with Mike Davis (Drummer) and then Dwight Young (Bassplayer) came up with this funky bass line, Michael Stevenson (Guitarplayer) played this really cool guitar line. then it was my turn, so I got into the vocal booth and did my thing. (Crazy In Love).

Ken Sutton



The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

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