Gator's Bayou

by SweetKenny

Released 06/27/2016
WaterFall Records
Released 06/27/2016
WaterFall Records
Film / TV/ Game Scores; Would be good for adventure and comedy film projects.
If you would like to use any of this music in your film/video/games or tv projects contact me on a licensing this music here at
" Gator's Bayou "
Kenneth M. Sutton
June 13, 2016
When I started writing the music for this album, I was really looking to compose a score that could be use in film, tv and games.
I just wanted to have a score album that would give projects that something extra, with some funny things in it.

So I started to checkout some old movies, like " Gator " and " White Lightning ", film's made in the 60's and 70's with that type of adventure in it.
I look at some cartoons too with that style of music also. man youtube is great for stuff like this, I found so much that it was hard to stay on my own idea of what I wanted.

What I came up with is an album of fun and adventure, the song " Gator Bait " is a take off of the intro theme of " White Lightning and Inglorious Basterds " where the Sheriff drowns the two kids in the swamp, it's got that doom feel to it, it's tempo is 79 bpm so it's slow. The song " Sheriff On The Hunt " is a funky 60's style track with some bounce to it, it's tempo is set at 90 bpm, it has a blusy swamp feel with the bass and guitar.track number 8 " The Swamp At Night " is kinda a spooky track, if you could just image yourself in the dark swamp with all of the sounds of it, you would hear this track. track number 3 " Making Moon At Night " is a very cool track with a tempo of 170 bpm to it, I can just see these shiners running around making moon. The whole album is just pure fun with a lot of adventure to it. It's a 11 track album that I'm sure any film, tv show or game would love to have in their project.

SweetKenny's " Gator's Bayou " will be officially released on June 27, 2016 and is being sold through 24 Hour Distribution! as a downloadable album and on you can find SweetKenny on Spotify, Amazon, Cd Baby, and iTunes, and Bandpage as well as other media outlets on the web.

SweetKenny ( Ken ) is now writing a new music for " film / tv and gaming " and is working on branching out into this field of music.
As a long time solo artist / composer, SweetKenny is also making a strong presence on social networking sites like facebook and ReverbNation, and, in which he's number 1 on both site's and climbing the general and global charts as well.

" Gator's Bayou "


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