Your Band Is A Business.

How many of you know that your band is a business?
But do you really know how to run it?

When your in a band and you want to play out, record, promote and be that star,  you know it takes alot of work and money right?
So you and your band get a gigg to play at a local bar, the bar say's cool I'll pay you the door and you can sell your cd's too.
The bar is packed it's Friday and your selling cd's playing like rockstars,  it all looks good with the money,  right?
You end the show and it's time to get paid. the bar owner pay's you what is due and your mouth drops. you say to the owner,  hey you said we would get the door!, he replys I did pay you the door, but you bought drinks for people and you drank,  and I'm sorry that wasn't the deal.

First off your a Business not a " BAND "!, The money you make is " NOT YOUR MONEY " it's the bands money, 100% of it, you get 0% of that money, it all go's back into the band. WHY?

Well you want to record, you want to tour, you want to promote and all the other things that go with a band ( business ). where do you think the money comes from, one guy in the band? No! it comes from the gigg and murch you sell. and if you find a manager you have to pay them their cut and on top of that Tax's, gas, food, gear, and the list go's on. to start a tour bus cost you money and you never even got on the bus yet,  even if you get someone to Endorse you, you have to pay that somebody back in some way. just because you see a check for a million dollars does'nt mean that's your money. out of that money is what you have to pay out, your bills, money that was fronted to you and the no see'ems... your profit might be $10,000 and then you gotta pay for your own life and your Own Tax's and the other band members in the band.

That's why most don't make it in music, because they don't understand how to run it. When George Lucus was making StarWars he was deep in debt,  but he kept putting all his money from other movies he was making into special effect's because he knew that it would turn a profit and grow as long as he kept it a float. He just sold that to Disney for 7-8 Billion. he did it because he knew that the money he made was not his money but his business's money.

So if you really want to be in a band and music, you need to understand that you are a Business and to be a success at it you need to look at it in that light. get contracts for giggs and not the door, get venues and not bars, and most important, get paid first,  so know one has to pay for anything out of his or her pocket. AND GIVE NOT ONE PERSON SOLE CONTROL OVER THE BANDS M-O-N-E-Y!

Happy Banding!!


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