Working in "entertainment" in todays world is alot different then the 1950's or 1960's. back then when you were an up and coming artist the big guy's would help you out. show you things, give you tips and tricks of the game. and sometimes "open the door" for you. If it wasn't for Frank Sinatra there wouldn't be Sammy. but now it's all about "ME" game. back when Frank Sinatra was down on his luck and no-one wanted him his true friends step in to help him. Mr. Milton Berle helped him out, the network only wanted to pay him something like 5000-10,000 dollars to do a show, and Mr. Berle said thats not gonna happen "he's a STAR!", you pay him $75,000. if your gonna do that to him, what you gonna do to me?


But into todays world we have stars jumping on stage to eat up the spotlight. if you were to ask any one of them for help they'ed wave you off, and some of them would tell you to "Fuck Off". "Stars" won't even record with each other unless they get something out of it. back in the 60's Frank Sinatra was sick and couldn't do his show, so Dean Martin did it for him. not because he was getting paid. "But because thats what you do". do you think a star would do that today?

Back when "MOTOWN" was happening "Smokey" help and work with all of the up and coming stars. he would write songs for them and help them get it right. if it wasn't for Smokey, we wouldn't have the "Temptations". he help open the doors for them.

Remember this " The Same Ones You Meet On The Way Up, Are The Same Ones You Meet On The Way Down".

so if someone ask you for help, give it to them, at one time in your starting you need help right? do it because thats the thing to do.



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