This week has been a week of "set backs". let me back up a bit, on Saturday my pc got the "blue screen of death" and died. she was a older pc and had alot of years and "hours" on her and just couldn't push out anymore work. so I got a re-built one. the re-built one had vista on it and I didn't like it so I put xp back on it and lost some drivers. so after a day of phone tag "9-hours" of it, I said Son! call your pc guy and let him get it right for you!, so now I have some down time "and I don't like it" but will deal with it because sometimes you get "set backs" to  bring you back to your "BIG Picture" and slow you down. at first I was like most out there and pissed off, and asking what the "F***k" now!, but now I'm good with it and see my "BIG Picture" again.

"And What I See Is Wonderful"



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