Hello Everyone!

2012 has been some kinda year for SweetKenny! The Lord has blessed me with 5 CDs and has restored my career in music to me. The Lord has blessed me with a new friendship with WMA Label and has restored me with an old friendship, Scott Schroen. and out of them I have grown in music and am thankful for all their help they have given me. But! it is not by my doing of any of this. But The Lords doing of all of this. Thank You My Lord!!

WMA Label has re-released all my cds on their label and has helped promote me on facebook and other sites. because of them doing this SweetKenny has reached more and a bigger audience in music. 2013 promises to be greater then 2012 and WMA Label and SweetKenny are working together to bring SweetKenny to you in 2013.

So Out With 2012, And In With 2013!!

May The Lord Bless And Keep You All!!


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