Have you ever had a brain fart? I was doing some writing the other day and just lost all. it was like I went blank!

I couldn't think at all, and nothing was clear in my writing. the words look okay and the sound was good, but it just didn't feel right. it all seemed stupid to me. I felt rushed and with a big "BLANK" in my head. I tried just sitting back. I got a cup of tea, got some air, but nothing!! nothing at all!!!! so "I stopped". I put down my guitar and walked away.....


I thought to myself for alittle while, and told myself Kenny it's okay your pushing yourself to get noticed to hard.

You see I want it so bad and when I would mess up I would get mad at myself for it. instead of just letting it happen I was trying to make it happen and write the hit song. Then I was watching TV and flipping the channels when I ran across Joel Osteen's show. He was speaking about how we should let The Lord be in control and to relax and not worry. God will help you in what ever you do if you just let him. He said have "FAITH" in The Lord! and your trouble times will be just a "bump" in the road as to a wall before you. Joel said to just let go!. well I did,  as soon as I did things became clearer and I felt relaxed. I feel like I don't need to worry about the hit song or if and when it will happen. I feel as I should feel. I know in my heart that this is what I am to do in life and I should just let The Lord get me there in his way and not to fight it. those of you who know me know that The Lord is everything to me. and like most out there I too get blind to the things in front of me. my wants over power my sight and I lose faith. But The Lord always opens up my eye's and putts me back on my path. I just have to let The Lord do it and RELAX.


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