I Love What I Do!

I love everything about what I do in music, animation, video editing and entertainment. It's a high like none other you have ever had. it please's me, it protects me and it love's me. I love it when it even go's wrong, and thats alot of the time, but! it teaches me and I learn from it. It's the only thing that truley let's me be myself, and I mean deep inside myself. It never judges me or puts me down. It's always there for me no matter what! If I cry it cry's with me, if I'm happy, it's happy too. there are no lines drawn and no boundries to it. no limits at all, but just what I choose to put on it. I can control it and make it do what I want, not the other way around. how may of you can say that?

"I feel for all who don't have a love like I do.... because that's all the love your gonna get!!"

Love the thing you do in life, and follow you heart, even if others laugh at you or put you down. some will say to you, you love it more then me, some might say, your not makeing any money at it so you must not be good at it, that was said to me. people will judge you on it. but don't let "their" fears kill your dreams.

If you do something that totaly makes you happy, even if it's hard, or sounds crazy to others. THEN DO IT!

Because everyone of us love's to do something.... We are just the one's who stand up and do it!



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