I saw this story in a movie sometime ago...

It go's like this.

There was a flood coming and all the towns people were running to higher ground all but one. everybody that came across him said you better get to higher ground this is getting bad. and the man said God will help me no thank you.

well the water kept getting higher and higher, a man in a truck came by and said get in the water is starting to get deep, and the man said no thank you, God will help me and keep me safe. then another man came by with a boat and said get in, and the man said no thank you the Lord will keep me safe and I trust in him. well the water got out of control and the whole town was underwater and the man drown. when he faced the Lord he asked the Lord why? diden't you help me!, you let me drown and die! and the Lord said to him, I sent you  your fellow towns people, I sent you a man in a truck, I sent you a boat! It was up to you to take the help! What? more did you want me to do?



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