Do any of you out there think you have to pay to play?

I read an article on songwritting and how to pitch it to publishers and the like. we all know it has to be good, thats a given. but do you have to spend money to have it demoed to meet there standards by so called pro's because they say that's what their use too?

This pay to play shit has to stop! How many of you heard or seen the movie "Up In The Air" the end song is recorded on a cassette tape in the living room with just a guitar. the songwritter pitched the song to the Director/Film Maker at a seminar. and it was used in the film's end credits just like it was. No so called pro players, No pro done demo, and "NO MONEY" was spent! on you must have it done by a pro because thats what we are used too. all this is just a ploy to get you to spend money, they want you to believe that. and the reason is because they know that you don't have to spend money to get it out there. This is anew age we live in, everything is at our fingertips, the internet has opened up everything to us. all the secerts, all the doors and windows, all the info and contacts we want and they know it. remember this.... If I keep telling a lie.... at sometime your gonna start to believe it and see it as true.

But this is not gonna stop if we keep letting it happen. The music boy's/girls are loosing their grip on music and are fighting to keep it anyway they can. and they do it with lie's and money.

So get this, If your a singer/songwritter and you want it to be pitched to an artist and you spend the money to have it demoed by a so called pro, why don't you just release the song yourself and if the artist wants to do your song they can contact you. you don't think that they don't check the internet? hell you can put it on CDbaby and if it's something they like and want to do they will.

Remember contacts come from all around, you don't have to spend money to get your music heard or have someone cover it. if you buy into their join for a fee and I'll show you how to get the "INSIDE" info then your a sucker.

A demo is just a demo of how the song go's right?...... But think of this!, the artist is gonna do the song "Their" way, your way will never be heard unless you do the song. so why did you spend all of that money?


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