Hi all,

As you know I'm in the studio recording my cd "SweetKenny", and I have posted here on the SweetKenny site "Demo's" of some of the songs for you to check out. I have also sent some "Demo's" out to people in Nashville and have had a good response from them. But I want more then that from my work, I want to make my mark in the music world as a singer not just a writer. So now I'm re-recording my songs and starting my own publishing company to keep everything under me,  and not some guy in an office with a bad hair cut with another guy who can read. I want to keep 200% of my work!, it's my work, I wrote the song(s) not them,  and I'm gonna give them a % of that just because they "Say" they'll pitch it to someone.... I can see a "Onetime Fee" to do that, but a % of my work for the life of the song!. F***k No!



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