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Your Band Is A Business.

How many of you know that your band is a business?
But do you really know how to run it?

When your in a band and you want to play out, record, promote and be that star,  you know it takes alot of work and money right?
So you and your band get a gigg to play at a local bar, the bar say's cool I'll pay you the door and you can sell your cd's too.
The bar is packed it's Friday and your selling cd's playing like rockstars,  it all looks good with the money,  right?
You end the show and it's time to get paid. the bar owner pay's you what is due and your mouth drops. you say to the owner,  hey you said we would get the door!, he replys I did pay you the door, but you bought drinks for people and you drank,  and I'm sorry that wasn't the deal.

First off your a Business not a " BAND "!, The money you make is " NOT YOUR MONEY " it's the bands money, 100% of it, you get 0% of that money, it all go's back into the band. WHY?

Well you want to record, you want to tour, you want to promote and all the other things that go with a band ( business ). where do you think the money comes from, one guy in the band? No! it comes from the gigg and murch you sell. and if you find a manager you have to pay them their cut and on top of that Tax's, gas, food, gear, and the list go's on. to start a tour bus cost you money and you never even got on the bus yet,  even if you get someone to Endorse you, you have to pay that somebody back in some way. just because you see a check for a million dollars does'nt mean that's your money. out of that money is what you have to pay out, your bills, money that was fronted to you and the no see'ems... your profit might be $10,000 and then you gotta pay for your own life and your Own Tax's and the other band members in the band.

That's why most don't make it in music, because they don't understand how to run it. When George Lucus was making StarWars he was deep in debt,  but he kept putting all his money from other movies he was making into special effect's because he knew that it would turn a profit and grow as long as he kept it a float. He just sold that to Disney for 7-8 Billion. he did it because he knew that the money he made was not his money but his business's money.

So if you really want to be in a band and music, you need to understand that you are a Business and to be a success at it you need to look at it in that light. get contracts for giggs and not the door, get venues and not bars, and most important, get paid first,  so know one has to pay for anything out of his or her pocket. AND GIVE NOT ONE PERSON SOLE CONTROL OVER THE BANDS M-O-N-E-Y!

Happy Banding!!



I have 9 albums out in a year and a half, and working on my 10th now!!

with each one I get better and BETTER!... how do I do it you ask?

I love the gift's from God first off and trust in him, I limit myself from the internet and " Facebook ", and I stick with it!!

God bless!!


Perception album release date June 30, 2013




Ken Sutton ( SweetKenny ),


On writing back to back albums:


I started writing back to back albums because Host Baby keeps sending me Free Coupons to join CD Baby. That's $50.00 to join and have an album signed up with them and $20.00 for a bar code. In doing back to back albums it has made me a better writer and player. It keeps me thinking and the pressure of doing it it is fun, I have six (6) albums out in less then 2 years and am now working on my 7th album now due to be released on October 31st, 2013.

most out there don't have 5 songs or even their first album completed and still are working on making it so called shine, it's taking them years to do and hours of work and it's never done. Me! I have so much music going through my head and this is the outlet I need.




Thanks so much!!!




SweetKenny Perception Album SweetKenny's new album " Perception " Due for release on June 30, 2013


SweetKenny is now looking for Musician's in the Michigan Upper Peninsula. You can contact him at

First Off Happy Mothers Day!!

SweetKenny has just uploaded some new music on the SweetKenny music page!


God Bless!!


Hello Everyone!

2012 has been some kinda year for SweetKenny! The Lord has blessed me with 5 CDs and has restored my career in music to me. The Lord has blessed me with a new friendship with WMA Label and has restored me with an old friendship, Scott Schroen. and out of them I have grown in music and am thankful for all their help they have given me. But! it is not by my doing of any of this. But The Lords doing of all of this. Thank You My Lord!!

WMA Label has re-released all my cds on their label and has helped promote me on facebook and other sites. because of them doing this SweetKenny has reached more and a bigger audience in music. 2013 promises to be greater then 2012 and WMA Label and SweetKenny are working together to bring SweetKenny to you in 2013.

So Out With 2012, And In With 2013!!

May The Lord Bless And Keep You All!!


Hi all; It's me Ken!

I know some are wondering whats new with Kenny? well I have been a crazy working guy... my good friend Scott Schroen asked me to create and design a dvd for him of a live show he did with his band Ugly Radio Rebellion. well I must say it is a work of art, I created a dvd and audio cd that is to die for. the whole thing was a labor of love.

And now I'm creating another animation cartoon titled "Deep Six" and I hope to have it completed by July of this year. there a lot of work and time in animation and I'm not only doing it all but I'm also creating the soundtracks to it too. and doing all the voiceovers as well. I'll keep you all posted.

also I'm writting some new songs and they too should be ready really soon.

take care!

God Bless!!!


Have you ever had a brain fart? I was doing some writing the other day and just lost all. it was like I went blank!

I couldn't think at all, and nothing was clear in my writing. the words look okay and the sound was good, but it just didn't feel right. it all seemed stupid to me. I felt rushed and with a big "BLANK" in my head. I tried just sitting back. I got a cup of tea, got some air, but nothing!! nothing at all!!!! so "I stopped". I put down my guitar and walked away.....


I thought to myself for alittle while, and told myself Kenny it's okay your pushing yourself to get noticed to hard.

You see I want it so bad and when I would mess up I would get mad at myself for it. instead of just letting it happen I was trying to make it happen and write the hit song. Then I was watching TV and flipping the channels when I ran across Joel Osteen's show. He was speaking about how we should let The Lord be in control and to relax and not worry. God will help you in what ever you do if you just let him. He said have "FAITH" in The Lord! and your trouble times will be just a "bump" in the road as to a wall before you. Joel said to just let go!. well I did,  as soon as I did things became clearer and I felt relaxed. I feel like I don't need to worry about the hit song or if and when it will happen. I feel as I should feel. I know in my heart that this is what I am to do in life and I should just let The Lord get me there in his way and not to fight it. those of you who know me know that The Lord is everything to me. and like most out there I too get blind to the things in front of me. my wants over power my sight and I lose faith. But The Lord always opens up my eye's and putts me back on my path. I just have to let The Lord do it and RELAX.


Today I'm tracking a vocal on a new song I wrote the other day. it's for a new cd and is one of many on it.

the song is visualization song ( you have to see it ) about a guy and a girl he's in love with. the title of the song is "I Think I Love Her".


I'll keep you posted!!

until then!!


Hi my kiddies,

The SweetKenny website is gonna be going through a little Reworking for 2012.... somethings will stay and others will go.

I'll keep you posted.

Stay Safe My Babys!


Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I've been writing and recording
new songs for an up coming album (cd) for Feb. 2012
This album (cd) is gonna be a little heaver then my last (SweetKenny"Raw
and Honest") and alittle darker.
with writing and playing all the parts, recording it and then designing
the artwork for the album you get abit behind on other things. and on top
of it all you have to promote it, and that is a full time job in it's
self. with the style of music I do alot shy away from it, I really don't
know why!, but they do, so I have to work harder then most. and that's okay,
it just means I'll last longer then them.

I also have been designing T-Shrits and things and that takes up alot of
time. you can order them from my store HERE.

As always  "Keep Your Spider In Your Paints "

take care!!!


Hi all,

The new SweetKenny Store is now open! you can pickup Lady tee's, Hoodies, Men's tee's

all at a very nice price. and I'll be adding more as time go's on so check out the SweetKenny Store!

click this link here.

Boy have we come along way in recording music, today we have software to do anything we want and make it sound anyway we want. "if you can think it!, you can create it!".

Back in the "Day" when you wanted to put out your cut (music) to a mass audience you had a lot of work ahead of you. first you had to get everything "TIGHT" in your sound and music, the whole band had to be on the "ONE", and the reason is not just because you need to be good, but because back then if you wanted to put out 100 copy's of your cut (music), you had to record it "100 times" over and over. today we add a little of this and come back when ever. but not so back then. bands, singers, artist had to be good and hit it "every time!". that's why music back then is timeless and sounds so good.

"Early recordings were made entirely acoustically, the sound being collected by a horn and piped to a diaphragm which vibrated the cutting stylus. Sensitivity and frequency range were poor, and frequency response was very irregular, giving acoustic recordings an instantly recognizable tonal quality. A singer practically had to put his face in the recording horn. Lower orchestral instruments such as cellos and double basses were often doubled (or replaced) by louder wind instruments, such as tubas. Standard violins in orchestral ensembles were commonly replaced by Stroh violins which became popular with recording studios.

Contrary to popular belief, if placed properly and prepared-for, drums could be effectively used and heard on even the earliest jazz and military band recordings. The loudest instruments stood the farthest away from the collecting horn. Lillian Hardin Armstrong, a member of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band that recorded at Gennett Records in 1923, remembered that at first Oliver and his young second trumpet, Louis Armstrong, stood next to each other and Oliver's horn couldn't be heard. "They put Louis about fifteen feet over in the corner, looking all sad."    


back then there was no "Punch In". if you missed your mark the whole thing was trash. Now this is before tape, recording went straight to record (vinyl). and everyone of the recordings were different in sound and playing. the guitar player might have added a fill or the singer's voice was stronger or lighter, there was no going back and fixing it or "cut and paste" to get the right part. No! you "had" to know your part and be on the "one".

It was a big thing back then to have a cut (record) of your "work", the whole family would come over to hear you and make a big fuss about you. you where "something, somebody", you have a recording!

Not like today! everyone has a record, cd, or a tape out and it's no big deal to anyone anymore. and most really don't work hard to sound good. "let the engineer cut and paste it" to make it sound good is the saying now. and that's "wrong".



This week has been a week of "set backs". let me back up a bit, on Saturday my pc got the "blue screen of death" and died. she was a older pc and had alot of years and "hours" on her and just couldn't push out anymore work. so I got a re-built one. the re-built one had vista on it and I didn't like it so I put xp back on it and lost some drivers. so after a day of phone tag "9-hours" of it, I said Son! call your pc guy and let him get it right for you!, so now I have some down time "and I don't like it" but will deal with it because sometimes you get "set backs" to  bring you back to your "BIG Picture" and slow you down. at first I was like most out there and pissed off, and asking what the "F***k" now!, but now I'm good with it and see my "BIG Picture" again.

"And What I See Is Wonderful"



Working in "entertainment" in todays world is alot different then the 1950's or 1960's. back then when you were an up and coming artist the big guy's would help you out. show you things, give you tips and tricks of the game. and sometimes "open the door" for you. If it wasn't for Frank Sinatra there wouldn't be Sammy. but now it's all about "ME" game. back when Frank Sinatra was down on his luck and no-one wanted him his true friends step in to help him. Mr. Milton Berle helped him out, the network only wanted to pay him something like 5000-10,000 dollars to do a show, and Mr. Berle said thats not gonna happen "he's a STAR!", you pay him $75,000. if your gonna do that to him, what you gonna do to me?


But into todays world we have stars jumping on stage to eat up the spotlight. if you were to ask any one of them for help they'ed wave you off, and some of them would tell you to "Fuck Off". "Stars" won't even record with each other unless they get something out of it. back in the 60's Frank Sinatra was sick and couldn't do his show, so Dean Martin did it for him. not because he was getting paid. "But because thats what you do". do you think a star would do that today?

Back when "MOTOWN" was happening "Smokey" help and work with all of the up and coming stars. he would write songs for them and help them get it right. if it wasn't for Smokey, we wouldn't have the "Temptations". he help open the doors for them.

Remember this " The Same Ones You Meet On The Way Up, Are The Same Ones You Meet On The Way Down".

so if someone ask you for help, give it to them, at one time in your starting you need help right? do it because thats the thing to do.



Today I'm designing a cd!

I'll keep you all posted....


Man is it "crazy" windy in Michigan today....

But we won't let that stops us in moving on will we?

Keep your hat on and stay safe.


Today I lay down a Bass line for the song "This Is A Journey Of The Things To Come", then mix it and mastering.


Today I'm recording a guitar track to my song "Road Runner". I hope to have the track (song), done today and then mix it and have it completed by Friday.

okay bye!



I Love What I Do!

I love everything about what I do in music, animation, video editing and entertainment. It's a high like none other you have ever had. it please's me, it protects me and it love's me. I love it when it even go's wrong, and thats alot of the time, but! it teaches me and I learn from it. It's the only thing that truley let's me be myself, and I mean deep inside myself. It never judges me or puts me down. It's always there for me no matter what! If I cry it cry's with me, if I'm happy, it's happy too. there are no lines drawn and no boundries to it. no limits at all, but just what I choose to put on it. I can control it and make it do what I want, not the other way around. how may of you can say that?

"I feel for all who don't have a love like I do.... because that's all the love your gonna get!!"

Love the thing you do in life, and follow you heart, even if others laugh at you or put you down. some will say to you, you love it more then me, some might say, your not makeing any money at it so you must not be good at it, that was said to me. people will judge you on it. but don't let "their" fears kill your dreams.

If you do something that totaly makes you happy, even if it's hard, or sounds crazy to others. THEN DO IT!

Because everyone of us love's to do something.... We are just the one's who stand up and do it!



Do any of you out there think you have to pay to play?

I read an article on songwritting and how to pitch it to publishers and the like. we all know it has to be good, thats a given. but do you have to spend money to have it demoed to meet there standards by so called pro's because they say that's what their use too?

This pay to play shit has to stop! How many of you heard or seen the movie "Up In The Air" the end song is recorded on a cassette tape in the living room with just a guitar. the songwritter pitched the song to the Director/Film Maker at a seminar. and it was used in the film's end credits just like it was. No so called pro players, No pro done demo, and "NO MONEY" was spent! on you must have it done by a pro because thats what we are used too. all this is just a ploy to get you to spend money, they want you to believe that. and the reason is because they know that you don't have to spend money to get it out there. This is anew age we live in, everything is at our fingertips, the internet has opened up everything to us. all the secerts, all the doors and windows, all the info and contacts we want and they know it. remember this.... If I keep telling a lie.... at sometime your gonna start to believe it and see it as true.

But this is not gonna stop if we keep letting it happen. The music boy's/girls are loosing their grip on music and are fighting to keep it anyway they can. and they do it with lie's and money.

So get this, If your a singer/songwritter and you want it to be pitched to an artist and you spend the money to have it demoed by a so called pro, why don't you just release the song yourself and if the artist wants to do your song they can contact you. you don't think that they don't check the internet? hell you can put it on CDbaby and if it's something they like and want to do they will.

Remember contacts come from all around, you don't have to spend money to get your music heard or have someone cover it. if you buy into their join for a fee and I'll show you how to get the "INSIDE" info then your a sucker.

A demo is just a demo of how the song go's right?...... But think of this!, the artist is gonna do the song "Their" way, your way will never be heard unless you do the song. so why did you spend all of that money?


Post your comments on this!



I saw this story in a movie sometime ago...

It go's like this.

There was a flood coming and all the towns people were running to higher ground all but one. everybody that came across him said you better get to higher ground this is getting bad. and the man said God will help me no thank you.

well the water kept getting higher and higher, a man in a truck came by and said get in the water is starting to get deep, and the man said no thank you, God will help me and keep me safe. then another man came by with a boat and said get in, and the man said no thank you the Lord will keep me safe and I trust in him. well the water got out of control and the whole town was underwater and the man drown. when he faced the Lord he asked the Lord why? diden't you help me!, you let me drown and die! and the Lord said to him, I sent you  your fellow towns people, I sent you a man in a truck, I sent you a boat! It was up to you to take the help! What? more did you want me to do?



Do I want to be a Nashville player?

Hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Nashville has to many rules and standards for me. if you listen to anything coming out of Nashville be it country or rock, it all has that we approve sound to it. Nashville's to chicken to step out of it's corporation box. and anyone who wants or tries to change that is cut out. if you don't belive me try and send your music to someone in Nashville. they eather won't get back with you or will tell you it's not to there standards "BUT" for a price they will rerecord your song with "Nashville Players" and make it sound better. Like you don't know how to play your own music, they know whats in your head and whats better.

So I say FUCK'em!



Hi Twitter people,

hop on over to

Hello all!

It's monday and time to record some music...


Hi all,

As you know (maybee you don't) the songs on SweetKenny are demo's, and I'm now re-recording them for the new cd I am coming out with. On this cd I'm playing all the parts myself and doing all the production work on it, so everything is my work and I don't have to listen to someone's reason why it's taken so long to do or show up to do it, I can just do it and get it done. sometimes it's better that way. I have no fights with band mates, I don't have to share any copyrights with anybody, and I know what the bottom line cost. plus it's all me!



Hi all,

As you know I'm in the studio recording my cd "SweetKenny", and I have posted here on the SweetKenny site "Demo's" of some of the songs for you to check out. I have also sent some "Demo's" out to people in Nashville and have had a good response from them. But I want more then that from my work, I want to make my mark in the music world as a singer not just a writer. So now I'm re-recording my songs and starting my own publishing company to keep everything under me,  and not some guy in an office with a bad hair cut with another guy who can read. I want to keep 200% of my work!, it's my work, I wrote the song(s) not them,  and I'm gonna give them a % of that just because they "Say" they'll pitch it to someone.... I can see a "Onetime Fee" to do that, but a % of my work for the life of the song!. F***k No!



Things Ken Sutton (SweetKenny) Likes To Do Bodybuilding: I enjoy working out and lifting weights, I have always been an active person, even when I was a kid I was a limber one. every job I ever work was a physical type job, so bodybuilding fits me to a tee. and now it's apart of everyday life for me. Animation: I love to do animation, I have so many story's inside me I want to get out and animation is the best way for me. I love the idea that if you can think and see it you can create it. But! I still have alot to learn. I'm just still a newbee. Video and Film: I love movies, everything about them. the special effects, the music, the story, the making of it. I'm a very creative person and I see in my head how a song would fit in to a film or a video. just creating a video from a song is alot of fun for me, I could spend hours working on it and not think of any thing but it. Outdoors: I love the outdoors. I feel free outside in the sunshine, I also like rainy days too, theres something about walking in the rain. I like to camp, and just relax outside. Music: Music to me is "Life" at it's best. everything around us is music, from the train to the car noise, to the hammer and nail we hear music. I like all types of music, everything from classical to eastern music. I grew up on Elvis Presley, In fact you could say he was and still is my mentor in music. Elvis tought me how to sing and how to work a stage, how to make a song my own, to take a song and look someone in the eye and sing to them and make them feel it's all about them and only them when the room is full. I love everything about music, and my voice came from The Lord and when the Lord gives you something you just want everyone to hear you. Recording: I got started in recording because no-one would record me, and the ones who would wanted an arm and a leg for it. so I learned how and fell in love with it, now I do my own... If any of you have "Things You Like To Do", post them here, I sure would like to hear them. SweetKenny
I hope everyone is having a good summer so far! SweetKenny
It's Fathers Day Weekend! I would like to wish all of you fathers a very happy fathers day, being a dad myself I know what a good feeling it is to see your little ones grow. SweetKenny
Hi, I just added a new song to the music page titled "What Went Wrong", you can download it for FREE!!! enjoy! SweetKenny
Hello all!, I just want to let you all know how things are coming with the new cd. Things are great and coming along nicely, I have 3 songs done in 3 days, with about 7 or 8 more to do so wish me luck. I'll keep you all up to date. until then. SweetKenny
Hi all, We have up-loaded new songs on the music page here at SweetKenny. Most is just demo stuff written by SweetKenny and some are not, SweetKenny wanted to show you all how far out-their he is in music. The SweetKenny Team
Hello all, New music coming soon from SweetKenny. This music is in the style of Prince for all you Prince fans. also some new tracks for thoughs who like game music. we'll keep you updated as it happens. The SweetKenny Team.
Hi all, SweetKenny is now doing Promo packs for bands and entertainers. the pack will have a Bio, Video (if you have one, or we can make you one), Newsletter, Photo's and Write up's of your band, and anything else you want placed in it. the cost is based on the amount of info you provied us. SweetKenny can design a custom photo(s)of your band, he can also design and create a promo video for you as low as $200 bucks or design you a video bio as low as $150 bucks. we can also help you with a 4 song demo cd of your song's (this is a fully mastered cd )at a cost of $80 bucks. and as always SweetKenny adds FREE stuff to your package to help keep the cost down. send us an email if you would like a promo pack desigened to The SweetKenny Team
SweetKenny is on iphone begainning March 1 of this year. so check him out. also WaterFall Records is also on iphone for you who want mastering done. you can all sign up for an iphone app at now on iPhone Looking to hear from you all. The SweetKeny Staff.
Hello everyone, Just want to tell all of you about some "New" things comming soon. one is that SweetKenny is now a production company under the name "SweetKenny Productions", we'll be doing small film's and animation, along with music videos from new up and comming artist. the other is that SweetKenny is working on a tv type show to be seen on here the SweetKenny site, it will be base on the new movie comming out soon titled "The Lost Buccaneers", he's still working out the bugs and we'll keep you all posted on the progress. until next time... The SweetKenny Team PS. remember this "Everyday Is a BIG Day" SweetKenny.
Hello all, Have any of you seen the new music video Ken Sutton has created for rapper C Stacks? well we have it here on this site on the , along with the new WaterFall Records promo video. so hop on over to the and check it out. the SweetKenny staff
Hi all, Well the frist video game is almost complete, and I should have it ready for download by the 1st or 2nd week of Feb. if everything go's well for me. The title of it is "John Presley! Zombie Hunter" hope to hear from you all sooon. SweetKenny
Hello all, 2010.... man is this gonna be a good year for me. I got a new game coming out in February titled " John Presley Zombie Hunter", and my movie "The Lost Buccaneers". plus, new movie scores. so I'm realy worked up and ready to go on all. I'm also doing a youtube show for rapper C Stacks called "The Corner" you can see it here I hope to see you all there. well good luck to all in 2010 Ken Sutton SweetKenny Here is something to think about, Frank Sinatra wrote this in 1945 it's titled The House I Live In. Frank Sinatra, "Look, fellas, religion makes no difference except to a Nazi or somebody as stupid. Why, people all over the world worship God in different ways. This wonderful country is made up of a hundred different kinds of people, and a hundred different ways of talking, and a hundred different ways of going to church. But they're all American ways. My dad came from Italy, but I'm an American. Should I hate your father 'cause he came from Ireland or France or Russia? Wouldn't I be a first-class fathead?" Frank Sinatra. Septemeber 11,1945

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